Rules for Journalists (Revised September 2013)

  1. Reporters may not ask for sources to appear on camera for more than one day of filming; HARO does not accept casting queries for television series or award nominations.
  2. Reporters may not submit the same query multiple times a week.
  3. PR firms may not submit a query on behalf of their clients; HARO asks that firms submit queries on behalf of themselves, solely.
  4. In order to ask for information, your website must have an ranking of one million or less. To determine the Alexa ranking of your website, please visit and enter your website in the search box. Online television and radio shows must be hosted by their own domain that also meets our Alexa ranking criteria. Your website will be judged based on the overall Alexa traffic rank, not the traffic rank in the U.S.
  5. Your publication or website must be fully launched prior to submitting a query. Your site must also meet our criteria before a query may be submitted on behalf of a newly launched website.
  6. No reporter may ask for content unless it is 300 words or less.
  7. When submitting a query, you must include the name of your publication and/or website in the media outlet field. If you do not want the name of your media/website published, please include a note in the query, addressed to the HARO editors, indicating you would like this removed prior to the scheduled query deadline.
  8. Queries for product samples will only be accepted from reporters representing TV stations and verified print media. Product sample requests from websites or radio station reporters are not permitted. This is in order to protect our users from fraud and other scams. Any products received by a reporter must be returned to the sender at the reporters' expense.
  9. Reporters may not request compensation for travel or hotel stays.
  10. When submitting a giftbag query, please note that reporters may only request items for a single, in-person event (no online events or giveaways) and must list in the query the name of the event. You cannot ask for event sponsorship, nor charge a fee for the giftbag.
  11. Student reporters are not permitted to use
  12. Reporters may not ask respondents to take a survey, comment on a blog, or to submit information via a link. All information must be received via the submission process at
  13. Reporters may not ask respondents for prerecorded video. Reporters may only ask for sources to appear in a video the reporter themselves will film.
  14. Please do not submit queries requesting book reviews or to review copies.
  15. No subscription-based outlet may submit a query. We consider an outlet to be subscription based if only paid users can view or read the outlet’s content. Outlets that include free content, but also offer a subscription service, are accepted.
  16. Requests for guest authors or guest bloggers are not permitted.
  17. A reporter may not ask a source for any type of monetary compensation for the source to appear in the reporter's media outlet. If this occurs, the reporter will be immediately banned from our service.

If you understand these rules, please click here to return to the query form and submit your query within these guidelines.